How to dynamically load the date in Jade using Javascript's Date()

Problem I need to add the current year in a footer for the copyright, just like you can do with PHP. But, I'm using Node + Express + Jade templating. Jade loves »

Quick Way to Remove a Single Line from a File From the Command Line, Linux / Mac

The Problem Our stack typically requires recreating our staging servers a lot. By default, Mac OSX throws a security error if the IP address of the computer that you are »

One Page Nav, scrollOffset Workaround Without Top Padding

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Conditional Parents in Jade

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How to Remove a Marker Google Maps JavaScript API v3

This, I thought, was not intuitive. In order to remove a marker that you have placed on a map, you need to reset its map, particularly to null. Like so »

If You Build It, (Make Sure) They Will Come

Easy lesson learned today. For my new venture, we put together a Magic Test to determine if people would signup, according to the Lean Startup methodology preached by Erci Reis »